Turbulent Lands I 10x16 Sold 2024


Sold by the Karen Wray Fine Art Gallery Jun 1, : www.karenwrayfineart.com.
On the road to Los Alamos. The road is lined with canyons and cliffs, a beautiful welcome to Los Alamos. One can see fusion at work with the sun illuminating this turbulent landscape. Circumstances prevented me from painting this in the field, but I spent much time thinking about the proportion and the subject based on photographs I took of the cliffs going up to Los Alamos. You can read a detailed account of the development of this painting on the Radical Impressionist: A Mathematician Paints' blog at: Painting in Los Alamos .

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I have continued producing paintings of this scene, "En plein air" and in the studio, and submitted a larger, more abstract version to a prestigious show in New Mexico, the Masterworks Show. And it won Third Place in the oil/acrylic division. This might be an example of how plein air and studio works inform each other.

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