The Karen Wray Fine Arts Gallery - Los Alamos

Happy to announce a new gallery representation: the Karen Wray FIne Art Gallery in Los Alamos: www.karenwrayfineart.com

Karen Halbert, Radical Impressionist: A Mathematician Paints.

For more information about the armatures used for Halbert's paintings in general, read:
My Composition Armature Class Notes Flip Book View

For more information about the armatures for the paintings with proportions near the golden mean, visit
Golden Mean PHI Armature.

Click on the paintings and armatures below for notes on the design of the specific paintings currently in the Gallery :
Cliff Abstracton with Expanded Dynamic Symmetry
Cliff Abstraction 18x24
Chromatic Lands I 8x10
Chromatic Lands I 5:4 Dynamic Symmetry Armature
Land Abstraction I 8x13
Land Abstraction I. Expanded+ Dynamic Symmetry with a Spiral
Dawn - Los Alamos 10x16
Dawn - Los Alamos Dynamic Symmetry Armature plus Golden Spiral
Turbulent Lands I 10x16
Turbulent Lands I PHI Dynamic Symmetry plus Spiral
Land Fusion - Los Alamos 15x25
Land Fusion - Los Alamos PHI Dynamic Symmetry
Turbulent Lands 15x25 2024 NM Masterworks Third Place
Turbulent Lands Dynamic Symmetry plus Spiral
Yellow Cliffs 15x24
Yellow Cliffs PHI Dynamic Symmetry plus Spiral
Black Mesa 12x16
Black Mesa DS Armature
Ashley Pond Los Alamos 12x16
Ashley Pond Los Alamos Expanded Dynamic Symmetry